Getting Started:

Welcome to the getting started guide for Diamond Club TV. This guide is intended for those who are new to the website and would like to know a little bit more about it. This quick run-through will demonstrate the different features of the website and how to perform basic functions. Understand that as a site still in development (some would say beta), there are always new features being added. This guide may not always be up to date. If you notice the images are different please alert the chat room and we will get this updated.

Home Page Interface:

Here is a screenshot of the homepage interface. In this demo we are already signed in with an account. You will normally see "login/register" button appear right below the Diamond Club TV logo in the top corner.

The left side:

The left side is mainly for tuning buttons. The logo is actually a function button, and most people are unaware of this. Clicking our logo will toggle showing the sidebar. Upon it showing again it defaults to the getting started page. (as shown on the right side of the picture above). Underneath are promotional links. In this photo we have On-Demand being promoted. From time-to-time, this will change to what is popular or new that we want to let you know about.

Underneath that you will find the live channels. By default it will show 1 through 6. Channel 1 can only be taken by official shows. Normal broadcasters cannot appear on channel 1. If more channels are needed, it will automatically expand up to 12 channels to fit the streaming needs of the site.

Below the live streams you will find the playlists. These are syncronized playlists that feature themed content. The most popular playlist is the DCTV Latest. This plays all different shows you will find on the website in a random shuffle. You will find more playlists by clicking the lighter-blue "More Playlists" button.

Music Videos is a neat feature that anyone can submit videos to. There are channels with user submitted videos that play just like the playlist channels do, except you can vote up or down the videos you are watching. This is quite popular and users enjoy leaving this on as they are doing work.

On the bottom of the you will find three quick buttons, first one on left is popout chat, middle one is second screen, and right is pop out video player. The only one I think needs description is second screen. This is a system used by shows like Daily Tech News Show that allows a trusted user to control a web frame on your computer. For example if we are talking about a news story on Daily Tech News Show, it will jump to that article automatically (because a show-runner told it to).

The right side:

The sidebar is a collapsable menu that lets you load content side by side next to the video. The getting started tab will have alerts if applicable (flashing red) if there is something we want you to know about (schedule change, or fun project to get involved in) as well as shortcuts to common services that people request. These links are updated often.

Chatrealm: shows the official chatroom for Diamond Club TV (hosted on t2t2's chatrealm servers) pick a name and hop in and chat. Off-peak hours don't expect instant responses, but during the day there are people typically chatting it up.

Schedule: This is an official show schedule. It does not feature the smaller non-official shows at this time. If you're wondering when the 'big' shows are this is the place to check. Remember this is defaulted to CENTRAL TIME ZONE!

Showbot: This is a tab where people vote for show titles. Ever wonder why people type "!s Stuff Here" into chat? They are pitching a show title for the podcast to use. When a show is done they will look at showbot and use the votes to help pick a topic. Sometimes they listen to the majority sometimes they just pick one from the pack, either way you are part of the naming process on most shows!

ChanChat: This tab will automatically load up the chat room for the stream you are watching if they use a different one than chatrealm. For example, Twitch channels will default to their twitch chat. If you have an account for Diamond Club you can tell it to automatically open up channel chat when you switch a channel.

Creating a Diamond Club Account:

First off you're asking to yourself, "The site is fully functional without an account why would I waste time setting up an account?". You get a lot more features with an account.

Step 1: Click the Login/Register button right below the Diamond Club logo.

Step 2: Click Register for an Account

Step 3: Fill out the information, Just use a real email it makes things much easier, but there is no email validation if you don't trust us.

Step 4: You will then be able to sign into your account

Account Features:

Here is a preview of the info page once you are signed in.

You will be able to set up how the site works for you. Get started by going to My Settings button.

Each setting should have details next to it and should be self-explanitory. If you wish to utilize SMS Alerts you will need to enter your phone number. We then send a code to your phone via text to prove that it is your phone number. Enter the code and your phone number will be ready to turn on SMS alerts.

Here is the SMS page, click what shows you want to receive an alert for. There is also a page that lets you get email alerts if you don't want to be bothered via text message. You can also set up time restrictions for when we can send you alerts. (further down the page shown above)

Helpful Tips:

  1. Follow @dctvalerts on twitter for live updates about the show. Feel free to tweet it with questions if you have any.
  2. If you're watching for an official show, tune to channel 1 and wait. It automatically checks every so many seconds to see if it's live. If it becomes live it will redirect to the video player automatically.
  3. On the road? We have audio only feeds at You can also tune in on TuneIn radio
  4. Want to watch more than one stream at a time on one window? Use our 4n1 tool.
  5. Diamond Club TV has a mobile site, designed for Android but works well on iOS also.

Need Help?:

We have a group of very helpful moderators in the chat room, ask for a mod and state you need assistance. If you want to go right to the top you can email SgtMuffin or tweet him @SgtMuffin.

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