Apps and Third Party Devices:

You can watch and listen to live streams on many different devices. While we do not support every device ever made we do have a majority of devices people use today covered. If you wish to help produce an app for a device not on the list let us know. We will try to help you with everything we can and we also have an API for getting stream information.

Device List:


Amazon Echo

Tune-In Radio



Google Chrome


Mobile Site


We have an official roku app for Roku, available in the Streaming Store under Sci/Tech. Most popular app of ours with literally thousands of installs. Supports on-demand from most shows as well as live streaming support. Twitch and YouTube streams are a bit buggy, and Twitch streams don't always work depending on the format that they send to twitch.

App Link

Amazon Echo:

Amazon echo does not have an official app for diamond club, but it does have support Daily Tech Headlines from Tom Merritt as a skill. Just say to your echo "Alexa, enable Daily Tech Headlines Skill", this will add Tom Merritt's shorted version of DTNS into your flash briefing. We all need more Tom in our day. Try it out! You can however listen to live streams from Channels 1 through 3 by using Tune-In radio built into the Echo.

Tune-In Radio:

We have our three Diamond Club FM streams available on the Tune-In app, you can install it on your phone as well as using the Tune-In app on mostly all devices. Diamond Club FM #1, Diamond Club FM #2, and Diamond Club FM #3.

iOS (iPhone/iPad/iPod):

As of November 2016 we have an official app for mobile devices. The app is designed to listen to live content and getting involved in chat. The app does not have the ability to watch on demand content but it does handle the ability to watch and chat on the same device pretty well. You also can get push notifications for official shows (shows that can take channel 1)

App Link

Android App:

There is a community app that was originally created by Tinnvec, with improvemens from Kevbob (Primary) and RenAigu (Later Improvements). The app lets you watch live streams and should support watching our various channels at different quality settings.

App Link

Google Chrome:

Gooses has created a Google Chrome app that alerts you when streams go live on Diamond Club TV by utilizing their notification system. It's a simple plugin, install it to activate and easy to remove if it's not for you. Simple and lets you click to load the channel right off of the alerts.

App Link

Kodi app:

This one is for the advanced user. This is a third party app created by DrPain. This allows you to add Diamond Club TV as a plugin on Kodi.

App Link

Mobile Site:

If you visit DiamondClub.TV on a mobile device you are directed to a basic mobile site that allows you to tune to channels and see chat.

App Link

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