Diamond Club TV is shutting down. Please read the entire article!


It's time for me to move on.

As many of you have noticed I just haven't been around much lately. This was due to a few things but mostly my full time job has changed dramaticly. We have started the transition of me learning all the internal business operations and handling a lot more. I also started making adjustments to my own life to handle this.

I now go to bed early, never thought this would happen. I wake up early, (see first comment). I rarely hop on the computer during the week (when I get home), the days are long and honestly at the end of the day I just don't feel like being on the computer. I watch a little TV and fall asleep. I take my job very seriously because we employ about 25 people, and is well respected in our community. I want to keep that growing and it needs to be priority 1 right now.

Chatrealm is still a booming community of the BEST PEOPLE AROUND (argue and you will bleed!) and it needs someone who can stay on top of this madness, and I have reached this point in my life where I just can't balance this in. I have to focus on Career and Family and sneak in hanging with you guys when time allows.

I have reached out to Brian & Justin to explain this situation and they are aware of this prior to this being published, they have been very supportive and understand. Knowing those guys and all of you has really changed my life for the better. I have learned so much and really am proud of what I built, and proud of what others have launched and gained traction with use of my services.

So what is the future of the site?

That is up to Brian & Justin. The domain is owned by Brian and I did let them know that whoever wants to spearhead the next version of this site if they need lists of users, etc I would be happy to hand them over or if they have questions on how something was accomplished. I did explain that everything DCTV was purpose built specifically for the website. It is a very delicate pile of scripts that each rely on eachother, thus using any of the existing code after the fact would be a waste of time (especially with frameworks out there today). With the way the community has pivoted towards twitch I really think someone could build something simple and sweet to accomplish keeping the community organized and have a nice streaming area with relevent links to all the new things that exist now.

If you are interested in that please reach out to them and not me right away. They are in charge, and will figure out what the future will be for the domain.

What's the timeline for all of this?

I am not closing stuff today. I'd like to close things within two months, but I'm not pulling the rug out from things quite yet. I want to give people time to find a place on a different streaming platform (for podcasts that streamed to the CDN directly). If you guys have questions on this I'd appreciate reaching out on my twitter account @SgtMuffin.

Thank You for Support!

Over my years of building and doing things I have NEVER had a project supported by donations that in any way actually covered costs. You guys are some of the most generous people I have ever met and have a pleasure of knowing. Just know that I am not disappearing from the internet, changing my name and running... I just am not around a lot. I will be sure to shut down the patreon once the server bills are shut off. I love all you!

So what's in my future?

Maybe something down the road but right now I have no immediate plans. Maybe someday I'll finish that ahoy.fm thing and do an occasional podcast there... But that's a pipe dream at the moment and nothing has really been started.

This was a very difficult decision for me to do this AND have to share it with everyone. I have spent easily over 1000 hours here working on things and I am very proud of it. But when something falls behind and it not worth repairing (I.E. a Tube Television), you throw it out and get a new flat-screen. I hope you all understand and respect where I am at. All your monetary support really means a lot and it covered the bills of this place, seriously! I would have been shelling out $4,800/yr to keep this stuff going, but with support from patreon and Brian it was $0.00

Thanks for all the great memories, and here is to making more memories in the future.

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